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6 types of cakes the best bakeries in Houston TX offer

Sweet things, big or small, are the ones that make people happy. Imagine attending an event, may it be birthday or a wedding, without tasting a piece of cake seems incomplete. Little things are really significant especially if it is a custom cakes Houston.

In a wedding, the purpose of a cake is to become a centerpiece of the event. It is also a symbol of good fortune that the wedding brings to the couple themselves. You can also play along with the cake’s color and flavor to suit the expectations of your guests. In a birthday, cake also serves as the milestone of one’s existence; it also carries the element of surprise for the celebrant. Cake eating becomes a standard of most parties (aside from drinking alcohol).

If you have an upcoming event, do not forget to list down cake as one of your must include list. Basically, baking innovation has brought us to the age of multiple choices, even cakes. There are 6 types of wedding cakes in Houston TX that the best bakeries in Houston TX offer and here they are:

Best-CakesCarrot Cake

Among our top 6, this is the healthiest of them all. This type of cake is perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other type of events. What makes this cake extra special is the grated carrot into the batter. The real carrot included in this sweet wonder becomes moist layers that will be covered with cream cheese. It also includes pecans, pineapples, raisins and other healthy ingredients. Most kids would love to have a Bugs Bunny design as its topper.

Banana Cake

Banana is a perfect flavor for a cake due to its natural sweetness. You can also try other flavors like banafee (with coffee) or banana with peach. The best thing about banana is it could blend to multiple flavors. You can request other mixture from your cake makers.

Rum Cake

Well, who says you cannot add rum in your cake? A slice of this little piece of creation will knock you off. You can control the spirit of alcohol in this cake by simply adjusting the amount of alcohol. If you want it strong then pour some more!

Red Velvet

This cake really looks tempting and is really perfect for a wedding. The color of this cake is really interesting due to the beetroot flavor. This is a classic work of art because you need to spend more time putting French butter roux icing. If you want to reminisce a classy cake tasting, try this one.

Black Forest

Who would want to miss a chocolate when eating a cake? Chocolate flavored cakes are the all time favorite of kids and even adults. Black forest is a sweetness overload topped with cherries and white cream. You also have the option to add alcohol in this cake.

Vanilla Cake

If you wanted to go basic, this cake will work just fine. The taste is good especially for light parties. You can also sharpen the flavor by mixing vanilla into choco or coffee.

Your cake does not need to be expensive to make your guests happy. Make your event extra special with these 6 types of  cakes that the best bakeries in Houston TX offer.

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